Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome to the Seed Cafe

 Waiting line at the Seed Cafe. I have just refilled it, and here is the cardinal family and a bunch of sparrows. About a dozen different kinds of birds here, as well as the squirrels, who knock most of it out onto the ground, which there also feeds the chipmunks and the baby squirrels, who have not yet learned to climb the feeder pole.
The cardinals are rather bossy, and don't like to share with anyone.
 These two were sharing it all with a flock of sparrows. The chipmunk really has his cheek pouches stuffed. These pictures were all taken through a none-too-clean kitchen window, so they are not as good as I'd like them to be. I fill the feeder (about half full) every day, and consider it very 'cheap intertainment'. These little guys are such fun to watch. Spot catches a chipmunk every now and then. He tried to give me one as a present, this morning.  He looked so proud of himself, and not too pleased when I made him let it go.

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