Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I can't believe it has been nearly two months since I've posted any new pictures here. I've kept pretty busy all this beautiful fall, with my dollmaking and other crafts, a little yard work, and a whirlwind trip to visit family in October. We have had only a few frosty nights earlier this month, and though the pots of beans and tomatoes are gone, the allysum is still going strong and the impatiens, tender as they are, as still blooming under the bushes. I created a couple of bulb beds where I transplanted some iris to, and raked and mowed/mulched up a lot of leaves, and cut back the hostas, etc. A few more oak leaves have fallen and need raked up, and blown out of the shrubbery, but otherwise I guess I'm ready for winter. Here's the oak leaves I raked out of this one bed, and what was left of them after running the mower over them. The bag has twigs in it.

Some Bugs still hanging around on the marigolds and calendula.

I put up a seedbell in the front yard for the birds, and attracted several varieties, including a pair of titmouse (titmice?), sparrows, cardinals, and this rare bushytailed fur-bird.