Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Summer Wraps

It happens every summer....the spiders take over the hedges. (Oh, boy, the hedges need a haircut again, too!) If one wants to avoid the haunted-house image, it's a daily job to sweep the webs down and darned if, by the next morning, they haven't rebuilt them. So today, I got a can of spider spray and gave them all a (hopefully) lethal little shower. Thus misted, the webs show up even better. There are several different types. It seems almost a shame to destroy all that awesome engineering.  And to think it is all done by those 'itsy, bitsy spiders' (some not so itsy-bitsy!), and mostly the dark! Creepy, but amazing.
So, of course, I had to get the camera...... 
(click to enlarge)
We had a good heavy shower this afternoon, and it washed away most of the webs, so I will not have to sweep them down, after all. Now, we'll see if the spray did any good, or how soon they re-populate and/or rebuild. 

When I sprayed this one, I was surprised at the interesting construction of it. Like a hanging basket with an under layer. You don't really see all the details, until it has some mist on it, and the spray is very fine and coats the 'threads' so you see them. They make an interesting image, with the changes of 'hue'.