Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here be Spiders

There are always one of two of these spiders in my yard during a summer. They are very common here. They build big orb webs in the vines usually near a wall or fence, so one is not likely to just walk into it. They don't move much, so are easy to photograph.  Found this information online.

                   BLACK AND YELLOW ARGIOPE
GENUS and SPECIES: Argiope aurantia

One of Kentucky's largest spiders is an orb weaver called the Black and Yellow Argiope, Argiope aurantia. Commonly called "garden spiders," these orb weavers can be almost 3 inches long from leg tip to leg tip. Argiope spiders are very common in backyard gardens, and have given a fright to many a homeowner. Although they are large and intimidating, their bite is only dangerous to people who experience severe allergic reactions to insect and spider bites.

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