Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Visitors in my garden

My morning walk through the yards...a wonderful way to view the new day. This little allium, growing between a rock edging and the driveway, had only a couple flowerheads last year. The allyssum is so vigorous, it seemed the photos would capture the fragrance. Then I noticed the visitor on the allium....I think he's a Black and White Wasp. Not enough white on his head to be a Bald-Faced Hornet. At any rate, he was only interested in his breakfast of nectar. I'd never seen one like this before .

Other visitors in the garden this morning were the little pale spider on the clematis, which I didn't see until I began in to edit the photo. The bee almost hid in the center of the crepe myrtle. The fly on the magnolia pod was a surprise, too. That is a zoom telephoto shot, uncropped. Those fuzzy pods are interesting subjects to photograph. The little late-blooming clematis grows rampant in Kathy's back yard. Several of these photos were taken in her yard, some in mine.

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