Saturday, June 13, 2009

Surprise gifts in the grass

(This posting edited and pictures added, Sunday June 14, pm.)
After a little rainy period, the mushrooms...... These two in the front yard were larger than most of this type, the big one was about as big as a cd. (4-1/2 inches.) on Friday morning and by Saturday morning, it spread to a good 8 inches wide. Sunday evening, the bottoms are quite dark and the top is flat, now grown to almost 10 inches, and the smaller one: 8 inches. My neighbors must think I've never seen a mushroom before, I've taken so many pictures of this pair. But they have put on quite an interesting show.

And of course, I had to 'enhance' at least one of the photos. lastly, a little hover fly works on the campion blossom. There are lots of these tiny, iridescent flies around the plants. They don't sting or bite.

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