Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A nice warm spring day

Click pictures for larger view.
This pretty ground cover lends some nice color to the borders. It looks like a watercolor painting, but this picture is not enhanced at all.

We had several trees with damage such as this, from the winter ice storm, but still, we fared much better that most of the state. There are still branches to be taken down, or cut up and gotten rid of. Lots to do in a big yard.

Kathy's Gazing Ball reflects the scattered clouds on this mostly sunny, breezy, warm day. It was above 70* but I'm not sure how much. There was one large white crocus and several daffodils in Kathy's back yard today.
Her cat, Spot, paused for refreshments. I like the white whiskers against the dark of the water tray, and the ripples his lapping made. The stems of these few earliest daffodils were weakened by the cold last week, so the bud was hanging low. I started to take the picture, and out crawled this wasp. He posed for several shots.

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