Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bags and blooms

A Little more yardwork done today and the back yard is pretty well 'tidied up'. Bagged up and set out another four bags of leaves and cuttings. Next project is replacing the blade on the lawnmower, and mowing the front yards. Tomorrow's job, if it does not rain. It was nice this morning, sprinkled a light shower this afternoon. The rain and wind last week made short work of the magnolia blossoms, which are about all gone now. Some grape hyacinths have appeared in my front yard, periwinkle (vinca) are starting to bloom, and I have a sum total of four pink tulips. I saw a few bluebells opening in Kathy's yard. Peonies are shooting up, as are dutch iris, day lilies, some unidentified bulbs, hostas, and ferns. Much of these are in the beds with the liriope that I just finished cutting back, and is now showing new growth. Clematis are coming to life, hydrangea, everything. Even a dandelion. Here are today's 'best' photos.

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